Industry Insiders

In today's world of work, companies must plan for unpredictability and need to be built for change. With technological disruption and geopolitical uncertainty continuing at pace, we can be certain that further change lies ahead. Companies need to adapt, so they can keep businesses running smoothly with one hand, while preparing for a different and uncertain future with the other.

Industry Insiders delves into the latest trends that are forcing employers to think differently about their business and workforce strategies. By combining the latest market intelligence with Experis insights and expertise, we explore the new opportunities that business leaders can harness in order to secure the future success of their organisation, and the challenges that must be addressed along the way.

Our second Industry Insiders report explores the Internet of Things, the impact this is having on cyber security, and what this means for organisations looking to bring in the right talent to help them enhance their capabilities in this space.

Highlights from the report reveal that:

  • UK businesses are struggling to find the right blend of security skills to harness the power of the Internet of Things, and the cyber security jobs market is feeling the strain of increased demand
  • Roles in cyber security have increased by 16.6% from the previous quarter, while the IoT jobs market rose by 48.8% during the same period
  • Businesses are having to be creative and take a blended approach to their talent acquisition strategies - getting fast access to the skills they need right now, while taking a longer-term view to enable strategic development.