Industry Insiders

In today's world of work, companies must plan for unpredictability and need to be built for change. With technological disruption and geopolitical uncertainty continuing at pace, we can be certain that further change lies ahead. Companies need to adapt, so they can keep businesses running smoothly with one hand, while preparing for a different and uncertain future with the other.

Industry Insiders delves into the latest trends that are forcing employers to think differently about their business and workforce strategies. By combining the latest market intelligence with Experis insights and expertise, we explore the new opportunities that business leaders can harness in order to secure the future success of their organisation, and the challenges that must be addressed along the way.

Industry Insiders: The rise of FinTech and the fight for talent examines which skills are most in demand among FinTechs, the threat to supply posed by established technology and financial services players, and where FinTech firms will need to focus efforts to safeguard their talent pipelines and futures.    

Highlights from the report reveal that:

  • With a record-breaking $2.9 billion invested into UK FinTech in the first half of 2019, its talent requirements are growing.
  • The UK FinTech sector currently comprises around 1,600 firms. By 2030, this is expected to more than double to around 3,300
  • The most in-demand skills are similar to the experiences sought by other sectors. Is this a challenge for Fintech?