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Finding the right talent is critical to the success of your projects. Experis offers access to highly-skilled permanent and interim pipelines to implement new technologies and processes quickly and efficiently.

Talent, Multiplied.

Experis delivers talent with the powerful combination of the technical skills you’re after multiplied by the soft skills that are harder than ever to find

We specialise in swiftly delivering highly qualified, pre-screened candidates for permanent job opportunities, significantly reducing your time-to-hire. Our skilled professionals bring immediate value to your organisation, driving productivity, innovation, and growth.

In the talent market, we don't skip a beat. We not only recruit the most qualified applicants who are actively seeking new jobs, but we also interact with and influence those who might not be. Your specific needs are handled thanks to our constant search for skilled skills. Being a multinational company and the top technology recruitment specialist in Europe, we easily adjust to your changing needs.

Our approach mirrors the attention we give to candidates. Our consultants invest time in understanding your business and objectives, tailoring an attraction, assessment, screening, and selection process that aligns with your employer brand. This ensures a seamless and consistent candidate experience, guaranteeing the perfect match.

We leverage the latest market insights to pinpoint candidate locations, hiring trends, and compensation data. This enables us to optimise your employer brand, ensuring you connect with the right talent.

Typical scenarios where our permanent recruitment services can support include:

  • Market mapping

  • Coping with demand spikes

  • Augmenting in-house capacity

  • Facilitating new product launches and innovations

  • Fulfilling niche skill requirements

  • Providing short-term support

Experis is the leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions. We accelerate organisations' growth by attracting, assessing and placing specialised and in-demand talent in mission-critical positions, enhancing the competitiveness of the businesses we serve.

Our team of 35 consultants caters to over 250 clients, varying from small to large businesses in the UK. We take pride in our impressive ratios of 2.8 interviews to 1 placement and 3.2 CVs to placement, showcasing our exceptional recruitment capabilities. With more than 100 contractors placed in UK businesses, we deliver in-demand talent across different domains. Partner with us for an unparalleled hiring experience in the tech world.

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We have the experience and know-how to quickly increase your workforce as business circumstances evolve and businesses strive for more agility. Experis provides the flexibility you need to accomplish your goals, whether you require one or 100, at a single location or across several.

We are aware of the risks involved and will work fast and thoroughly to find specialised knowledge to meet your temporary need. Our Contractor Care staff is available to assist Experis contractors with their assignments, easing their transition and assisting them in swiftly establishing themselves as vital members of your company.

Our internal procedures were created with simplicity in mind. The monitoring of timesheets, expenses, and vacation requests is made simple by a custom contractor site; at the moment, we pay more than 4,000 contractors each week.

Typical scenarios where our Interim Resourcing services can support include:

  • Demand spikes

  • Project teams

  • Cost savings

  • Project solutions

  • Specialist skills

  • Offshore capabilities

  • Nearshore capabilities

  • Risk control

Employed Consultants (ECs) are a technique of bridging the gap between permanent and contract labour and providing access to a different talent pool. An EC is a highly qualified specialist who works for Experis on a permanent basis and is then assigned to our clients' organisations on an as-needed or project basis. By working in this way, the employee gains the advantages of long-term employment as well as the flexibility to advance their talents through a range of projects with reputable corporations. The employer will gain from a flexible, permanent workforce that can expand with the company without increasing the need for permanent staff and support functions.

Our ECs cover over 100+ skill sets and can be deployed individually or as part of a team. This model offers a stability of service and knowledge, thanks to the dedicated operational support team who work across recruitment, HR, and utilisation.

With an Employed Consultant, you'll benefit from:

  • A 10% to 20% reduction in contractor labour costs, and no rate increases in Year 1

  • No IR35 issues

  • Co-employment risk is removed as our ECs are permanently employed by us

  • Reduces contractor churn and project risk – ECs have a permanent employee mentality

  • Complements your permanent hiring programmes, offering the option of a structured ‘try before you buy’ approach

  • ECs bring with them extensive experience from a wide range of different clients and projects

  • Investment in on-going training and development pathways undertaken by us, augmented by you

  • We remove any contract management or HR administration burden

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Our Expertise

  • Business Transformation

  • Cloud & Infrastructure

  • Cyber Security

  • Digital Workspace

  • Enterprise Applications

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Experis leverages internal research and deep industry expertise to help organisations succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world.

In today's world of work, companies must plan for unpredictability and need to be built for change. With technological disruption and geopolitical uncertainty continuing at pace, we can be certain that further change lies ahead. Keep up-to-date with the latest in the IT world of work with insights from Experis.

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