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19 January 2024 by Experis
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Major themes and forecasts for the upcoming year

2023 has been a rollercoaster ride for the gaming industry. Numerous mergers and acquisitions have occurred, the biggest of which was Microsoft’s eventual acquisition of Activision. This has led to a great deal of market uncertainty and several layoffs. AI has begun to appear more frequently, and there have been a lot of new games released, such as Zelda and Spider-Man, in addition to the enduring popularity of classic games like Tetris, Street Fighter and Super Mario.

Let’s examine some of the major themes and forecasts for the upcoming year, as 2024 promises to be much more extreme!

  • DIY – An increase in user-generated content (UGC) has resulted from the massive popularity of games like Roblox, Fortnite and Minecraft, and more are planned to follow suit. This gives players a more inclusive sense that they are contributing to the creation of the game rather than just enjoying it.

  • Immerse yourself – Although VR and AR have been around for a while, the experiences continue to evolve and improve. With the advancement of AI and hardware, new limits will be pushed in the new year, increasing the immersion of the entire gaming experience.

  • Rise of generative AI – Now, even small teams may develop amazing experiences and entire new worlds. According to some industry experts, AI offers the potential for up to five times faster game development, resulting in more complex levels and games. The potential to lower production costs is another benefit of this.

  • Head in the clouds – Cloud-based on-demand gaming will continue to expand as internet speeds rise. Streaming the game over the internet means powerful gadgets are no longer required, making gaming more accessible for all.

  • E-sports champions – With increased sponsorship, events and buzz, the blending of e-sports with traditional sports will continue at a rapid rate. The $45 million overall prize fund for the September Gamers8 “The Land of Heroes” tournament is anticipated to increase for 2024. These kinds of gatherings will continue to draw newcomers to the gaming and entertainment industries.

  • Cheats never prosper – The prevalence of cheating has become ever more prominent in gaming with companies increasingly exploring and developing anti-cheat systems. A few years ago, Riot launched its Vanguard anti-cheat system to stop “aim-botters” and “wall-hackers”, as well as offering a bounty for the identification of any software security flaws. Companies will look to utilise AI in the future to research gaming patterns and trends that aim to expose cheaters.

  • Rise of free gaming – With Fortnite, Warzone and free-to-play games taking over the market, many more games that follow the model of “free release, paid season pass and cosmetics” will be released over the course of the next year. As will be the case with X-Defiant, scheduled for release in 2024, players will no longer have to shell out £50–60 for each game, making gaming more accessible to a wider audience.

  • Anytime, anywhere – In 2024, mobile gaming will continue to grow exponentially, offering greater accessibility across a range of devices wherever you are. Mobile gaming really opens up the gaming market to whole new audiences and demographics, such as commuters on a public transport.

  • Annoyance of ads – Similar to value bundles for TV streaming, entry-level gaming packages will emerge in the market, with revenue coming from more advertising. This will take the shape of discreetly inserted advertisements into the real games and environments.

  • An apple a day! – 2024 could be the year that Apple finally joins the gaming world with Vision Pro glasses due to land in early 2024, followed by a number of new and exciting games on Arcade.

How about the gaming workforce community – what will be the big trends in 2024?

  • Even more fluidity –The gaming workers of today are more adaptable and ready for new challenges. They will swiftly change roles in order to upskill and keep them on track because they don’t want to stagnate, and they need access to the newest technology.

  • Diversity – Gaming was once thought of as a traditional hobby for men, which has never quite been true. However, with games like Valorant, the proportion of male and female gamers has almost equalised, and games are becoming more inclusive of LGBTQ+ communities with features like customising non-binary characters. The gaming industry will also keep reaching out to new audiences and demographics as it develops with unlimited mobility and access points. Employers need to make sure their workforce is always adapting to the end user’s wants and preferences.

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