Webinar: How emerging technologies and AI bridge the shifting tides of the global labour market

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08 December 2023 by Experis
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The UK is currently facing its most severe talent shortage in 17 years. A staggering 80% of employers are struggling to find candidates with the necessary skills out of which 61% reported that IT and data skills are the most difficult to find (MEOS Q3 2023). To address this talent shortage, businesses need an out-of-the-box solution combined with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning to attract top-notch candidates from around the world.

Check out our latest on-demand webinar on ‘How emerging technologies and AI bridge the shifting tides of the global labour market’. Moderator Mina van Piggelen, Head of Strategic Accounts at Experis UK, is joined by Edward Price, Director of Cross Border Solutions at Experis UK, Jason Cowell, Founder & CEO of UIBA, Nigel Lindsey-Noble, Sales Director at Experis Switzerland and Sylwia Panek-Strzala, Sales Manager at Experis Poland, as they discuss how organisations can leverage emerging technologies and AI to access global talent and build effective teams, while also ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Discussions cover:

  • How global labour markets are changing: trends and emerging patterns

  • Embracing shifting trends and leveraging technology innovations

  • The dynamics of talent buyers and sellers

  • The role of technology in supporting a borderless world

  • How to navigate global tax, compliance, employment law and privacy regulations for borderless talent

  • How to find a trusted partner to make the world work for you.