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06 June 2022 by ManpowerGroup
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​2022 has the potential to be one of the most transformative years in recent history. As we enter the post-pandemic reality, companies are realising they need to do more to attract and retain skilled, diverse workers, and people in turn are looking for more from their employers to thrive at work.

This has led to the emergence of what we’re calling the Great Realisation – where both workers and companies are recognising the need for something new and different.

We’re delighted to share the latest edition of our Human Age newspaper, where we explore all the labour market trends contributing to the Great Realisation in detail, as well as some of our own initiatives and solutions for tackling the challenges of today’s world of work.

Top stories

The New Buzz - Introducing the four B’s of IT Services

Can shifting the focus from headcount to project delivery transform the way you run your IT services?

There’s a shift from provision of resource to provision of outcome, and the big question now is not ‘Who do we need to get the job done?’ but more fundamentally ‘What are we actually trying to achieve?’. So, farewell bums on seats, hello brains in gear.

Explore why outcomes are in when it comes to technology resourcing.

Full Speed Ahead – The Tech Revolution goes into Hyperdrive

More than 80% of employers have accelerated digitisation in response to COVID-19, and consumers and employees alike now expect tech to make the way they live and work easier.

The right blend of tech and talent is front and centre for businesses, creating new urgency for organisations to upskill their people so they can translate data into insights, make data-driven decisions and combine the best of human and machine learning.

We take a closer look at the impact of tech acceleration.

At ManpowerGroup we’re committed to transforming our business for the post-pandemic world, while helping you do the same! Explore all the latest workforce trends now.