IT Skills Research


Protecting your organisation in a talent-scarce  market

IT Security has become a topic of strategic importance to both business and society. This paper explores

  • The impact of the security talent shortage
  • The importance of using a balanced resourcing approach
  • The need for security talent development
  • Guidance on how to minimise the associated risks



Our international study of executives with hiring responsibility for IT employees across ten countries, confirms that UK businesses are among those at the leading edge of the wider trend, tapping into this attractive pool of talent. “As the gap between employer demand and available talent continues to widen, we are seeing more UK organisations using contractors as a go-to workforce planning solution, rather than a temporary means to cover shortfalls in permanent positions. Alongside this, they are recognising that the use of contractors can bring greater cost savings in the long term and flexible work flow options, which will be vital in 2016 and beyond.” Geoff Smith, Managing Director, Experis Europe.

The results also show that a significant number of businesses are looking overseas for IT expertise to supplement local talent and knowledge. Smith continues “Achieving the right balance between local expertise and international flexibility is never a simple task. Modern IT teams are governed by fierce cost and time pressures which often forces them into creating diverse international teams to get the job done. New technology makes it far easier to manage and facilitate this, but there is still a need for long term planning that takes advantage of global talent pools, but keeps local knowledge at the core.”