Unlocking the power of talent in the Public Sector: Embracing freelance and contingent IT expertise

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08 September 2023

In the midst of recent industry changes, the Public Sector has had a spectacular upturn, creating 350,000 tech jobs in the UK over the last three years. This sector is growing despite the shifting environment; from May to July of this year there were 48,000 unfilled positions, or 5.3% of all employees.  

Many professionals are favouring temporary positions in the post-pandemic era and during the Great Resignation trend. With this change, the pool of highly skilled people grows, and they are no longer restricted to traditional permanent jobs. 

Flexible work schedules are one of the most alluring perks of contract and freelancing positions. This adaptability appeals to a wide range of people, including parents, lifelong learners and people juggling several obligations. Workers are more willing to explore organisations without committing long-term in a talent-rich environment because they are convinced that there are many opportunities out there. Additionally, a lot of professional's value the variety of experiences that come with frequently changing companies.

IT contractors, like any professionals, consider several key factors when selecting their next contract. These factors help them determine the suitability of the opportunity and whether it aligns with their career goals, preferences and work style. 

Here are five key things IT contractors often look for when choosing their next contract:

  1. Project scope and technology stack: Contractors want projects that challenge and enhance their skills. They look for contracts that involve interesting technologies, tools and methodologies that align with their expertise and offer opportunities for growth.

  1. Strong employer identity and reputation: Potential candidates are drawn to your unique organisation by an engaging narrative and a thriving corporate culture, which operate as magnets.IT contractors are drawn to companies with a good reputation.

  1. Work-life balance: Contractors value their flexibility. Consider the benefits you can provide, such as working from home and flexible hours. Many Public Sector organisations offer flexible working and work-from-home jobs which may be appealing, especially if the contractor is a working parent or carer.

  1. Learning and development opportunities: Another perk you can offer within the Public Sector to stand out would be mentoring and training that are low- to no-cost but will ultimately benefit your business and appeal to IT contractors as an opportunity to learn new skills, work with cutting-edge technologies or gain industry-specific knowledge.

  1. Challenging projects and impact: Contractors usually seek projects that challenge them intellectually and align with their interests. They also seek projects which allow them to make a meaningful impact or contribute to innovative solutions. They look for contracts where their expertise can lead to tangible results.

By taking the five factors into consideration, you can create an environment that not only attracts but also retains exceptional individuals, fuelling your organisation's growth and prosperity. For reference, read our IT Trends in the Human Age report or find out more about Experis Academy.