How to: Unlock top talent to drive your cloud transformation journey

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27 March 2023 by Paul Anderson - Cloud & Infrastructure Practice Lead

​Cloud transformation is an essential part of today’s business landscape. Companies are highly reliant on cloud technology to achieve their goals alongside the rise in digitalisation. Scalability, Agility, Security, Governance, and cost-effectiveness are just a few advantages of cloud technology.

But technology is only one aspect of cloud transformation. The other? Finding the right talent including Architects, Engineers, and Dev Ops specialists.

Discovering the right talent to lead the transformation journey is increasingly important as businesses continue to shift their operations to the cloud. Key skills are in high demand and the talent pool is often limited. Let’s not forget; it's important to find the right candidate who understands the business objectives and can align them with your cloud strategy in addition to technical expertise too.

Here are some strategies to assist you in your search for the right talent for your cloud transformation journey:

Recognise your requirements

Recognising your organisation's requirements and needs are the first steps to identify the best talent. Identify specific skills, knowledge, and experience required for your cloud transformation program.

This will help you in focus your search on the best candidates with the necessary expertise.

Look for experience

Consider candidates with background and experience in working on cloud-based platforms and technologies like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud or Hybrid environments.

Candidates with relevant expertise, such as those who have worked on comparable cloud transformation initiatives in the past, are particularly valuable.

To bridge the talent gap, look within

The need to have a workforce that will be effective in both the now and the future means management must rethink its timeframe around skills development.

Organisations are trying to embed a systematic approach to reskilling, but this is not straightforward. Employers can’t build skills development programs quickly enough to meet business needs, and employees are worried about their prospects and learning fatigue.

We need a pragmatic approach to fill talent gaps through practical, comprehensive training in a range of technologies.

Recruit on potential, not the past

Employers should reconsider their hiring practices and focus on potential rather than the past.

They need to look for and recruit candidates in untapped talent pools as opposed to using conventional approaches that filtered prospects based on their qualifications and experiences. Increasingly we must look to diversity from a broad perspective, attracting talent to maintain a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Leverage Your Network

To discover the right talent with the right skills and experience, reach out to your professional network.

Connect with professional organisations, go to events and conferences, and network with subject matter experts. By leveraging your network, you can discover right talent who are a good fit for your company and have been endorsed by people you trust by using your network.

Never undervalue soft skills

Look for talent skilled at problem-solving, communicating, and working with global teams.

It's crucial to have a candidate who gets along with others because large transformation projects require collaboration and communication between multiple teams and stakeholders.

Consider outsourcing

If you're having trouble in identifying and scouring the right talent, think about outsourcing.

Outsourcing can help you save time and money by allowing you to draw from a larger pool of talent and experience.


Finding the right talent for your cloud transformation journey requires a combination of technical expertise, relevant experience, and strong soft skills.

By understanding your organisation's needs, leveraging your existing workforce and network, and considering outsourcing, you can find the right talent to lead your cloud transformation project to success.

Experis Academy helps organisations bridge their talent gaps through practical, comprehensive training in cloud technology tailored specifically to your business.

Using expertise of specialist trainers and industry experts, candidates learn through a combination of theory and practical assignments.

We identify and onboard experienced IT professionals who have necessary skills within cloud and DevOps engineering. ensuring that they can instantly add value to your transformation programs.

Our resources are then deployed into the client organisation, and they have also an opportunity to offer them permanent roles after 12 months.

Need a guidance on your cloud transformation journey? Learn more about Experis Academy.

The Academy Engineers are part of the Experis Cloud and Infrastructure Practice, our Lead will make sure they are doing a great job and monitor their progress to ensure they continually add value to our customers. We will have regular reviews and in our practice our guys will have an escalation path to a substantial knowledge pool should they need a tech community to share ideas or get advice.