How to build future-proof talent pipelines by investing in continuous learning

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31 January 2023 by Michael Noone - Head of Experis Academy UK

​From Talent Consumer to Talent Creator: How to build future-proof talent pipelines by investing in continuous learning.

Employers are facing greater difficulty making hiring decisions due to the changing demands within the IT industry. This is understandable as the technology sector in general is fast paced and always evolving. Due to the wage inflation, organisations are struggling to attract and retain staff.

3 in 4 companies globally report talent shortages – the highest in 16 years, despite this the hiring intentions remained high in the last quarter of 2022. Large companies in particular are said to have the highest hiring intention at 27%. The unemployment rate between August- October 2022 was at 3.7%. Youth unemployment in particular was at 10.5%.

Employers anticipate strong demand for talent across key sectors such as IT and Tech with the strongest outlook at +34%. Gartner predicts further increases in tech skills demand in 2023.

Despite these challenges existing, we see an opportunity for businesses to shift their strategy from being consumers of talent, who rely on recruiting their way out of these challenges, to organisations becoming creators of talent – accessing sustainable talent pools that provide a reliable source of tech skills, who are trained and developed based on the needs of the organisation and in turn provide a better return on investment.

We encourage businesses to change their perception. Instead of recruiting their way out of these challenges, organisations should consider championing the art of ‘becoming creators of talent’.

How can businesses become the creators of talent?

This process isn’t easy and doesn’t work overnight but we’ve broken it down simply, in a few points.

1.Start off by ensuring that you understand the capabilities of your business – Highlight what it is that you already have in-house versus what you don’t.

2.Have career pathways defined with allocated competencies for each level of your career framework.

3.Map your existing workforce against these frameworks and then understand where the delta is and apply the right strategy to build your capabilities in these areas.

4.Have the correct early careers solutions in place to bring graduates, apprentices, and wider entry-level IT professionals into your business.

5.Ensure that you have training and career plans in place to develop your existing staff into more senior roles providing career mobility. Bridging.

6.Have internal solutions or partners who can provide junior to mid-level IT professionals into your business that have designated short, medium and long-term training and development plans to create your future senior developers and engineers.

Ultimately adopting a medium to long-term view of how you are providing an environment and culture that promotes learning, development and career progression.

The pace of technological development is so fast that training can quickly become outdated. With the Experis Academy, you get access to talent with skills and competencies adapted to the evolving needs of your company. Our Experis Academy solution provides clients with an alternative way of acquiring hard-to-source skills in a competitive candidate market.

Our candidates are screened and assessed aligned to your business needs. We then provide them with a hands-on learning experience where we bespoke the training based on the outputs of the roles they will be performing with your company. Ensuring a quicker speed to competence.

Our capabilities and case studies cover many areas of IT including Data Engineering, Software Development, Cloud 7 DevOps, PMO professionals and Tech BAs.

By accessing wider, diverse talent pools with the cognitive capabilities to succeed. The Experis Academy are providing motivated resources that provide you with a cost-effective way to help you with your skills challenges. Get in touch if you'd like more information about the Academy.