How to remain relevant in the market in 2021

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21 December 2020 by Experis

​After a tumultuous year, the world of work has changed dramatically. Organisations have had to adapt their systems, processes and ways of working, shifting to a more agile, creative and flexible approach in order to survive. The digital space has played a huge part in this global transformation and while the demand for skilled digital professionals is soaring, so too is the competition amongst candidates. To help set you up for success in the year ahead, we’re sharing tips for how to differentiate yourself from the competition and remain relevant in 2021.

Showcase your experience

As clients often ask to see examples of work before engaging a contractor, it’s well worth creating a Github account and keeping it up-to-date with examples of your work, so that when you’re asked to supply evidence that shows you’re the right person for the job, you won’t need to spend a frantic 24 hours pulling something together. Consider setting a block of time aside each month to maintain your account and treat it as an investment in your future.

Demonstrate your understanding of new technologies

It’s a given to keep your ear to the ground and research emerging technologies – be prepared to talk about these in an interview too – but to really stand out from the competition, start your own project using that technology and share that work on Github or with potential employers. This will be particularly valuable if new technologies are being included on job adverts that align with your skillset. It’s one thing to share what you’ve learnt through carrying out some research, but it’s another to demonstrate what you’ve learnt through implementation.

Share evidence of collaborative working

As organisations are increasingly moving towards a cross-functional structure, employers really value candidates’ experience of collaborating with other technical teams. Chalk up a record of collaborative success stories and consider what’s worked particularly well in these scenarios, despite the potential challenge of working remotely. Note down the results or value added from these experiences. If you are primed to discuss these cases in an interview, you’ll convey your suitability and adaptability to join a new cross-functional team.

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