Testing Services

With continuous integration, rapid delivery, and return on investment always in mind, our subject matter experts design thoughtful, practical solutions to respond to an organisation’s quality challenges.

Agile practices, advances in automation, and the need to deliver enhanced quality at speed has put immense pressure on software development and testing teams. Technologies continue to evolve at an accelerated pace, requiring a similar evolution of the methods and tools needed to deliver a quality product.

Talent shortages of experienced skilled testers is also compounding issues in the marketplace. Testing has transitioned into a specialist skillset with automation and development skills now a priority.

Whether consulting on a large enterprise testing initiative or providing quality engineering professionals to complement an existing team, Experis offers valuable expertise to support our clients’ testing needs.


  • Improve quality using industry best practices and enable continuous quality through delivery transformation

  • Reduce costs by transferring Quality Assurance (QA) related recruitment, management and administration overheads to Experis

  • Access to a global talent pool of quality engineers means we can deliver the testing services wherever you require them

  • Extend your QA team with a trusted partner that will integrate with your processes and culture to deliver as a single team

Consultancy Services

Our consulting team brings decades of experience in a variety of testing disciplines. With continuous integration, rapid delivery, and return on investment always in mind, our subject matter experts design thoughtful, practical solutions to respond to a client’s testing challenges. Our team brings deep knowledge of QA tools and practices which we share with client teams through mentoring, coaching and recommendations.

QA advisory services include:

Continuous quality improvements
Experis promotes and integrates continuous quality practices from the start of development. This enables more innovative, progressive, and iterative methods such as predictive analysis, behavioural-driven development (BDD), and exploratory testing. Key performance indicators are established to track quality issues before coding begins. This increases the speed of development and reduces the number and severity of defects reaching production, at the same time as yielding higher end-user satisfaction.

Agile transformation
In order to increase their value proposition, IT teams are embarking on agile and product-centric transformations with the aim of becoming a true digital partner for clients, focused on customer, value and speed. However, many IT teams struggle to change their testing delivery model, leading to frustration across every stakeholder level. Our QA transformation experts will review an organisation’s current testing delivery and propose a new quality engineering process that best meets the demands of the business.

Project rescue
We put together a team of experts to help improve quality assurance across programme, project or product, ensuring as a minimum that it is brought under control with a viable roadmap, scope, budget and risk profile. Our aim is to return initiatives to its original time, cost and quality objectives. Where this isn’t possible, we will provide options and recommendations available to the customer to enable them to agree a new baseline with confidence.

Governance & Frameworks
Our consultants work with organisations to design frameworks, standards, processes and toolkits across all testing disciplines. From project and product lifecycles to QA portfolio definition and delivery frameworks, we work closely with our clients to ensure that governance is right-sized, appropriate to the organisation’s risk appetite and integrates with existing decision-making processes across finance, procurement, HR and other central functions.

Audit & Assessment
Our experts are engaged to assess the current state of software quality for an organisation. This solution can be utilised for several reasons including: creating awareness, validating improvements that have been implemented, and developing a roadmap of activities for achieving QA goal state. The assessment is focused on three key areas: People, Process and Technology. A completed test maturity model will summarise the current state and will be accompanied by an actionable plan to improve quality. We can:

  1. Audit compliance and performance of initiatives against internal standards;

  2. Assess QA maturity and capability levels, benchmarking against industry best-practice frameworks;

  3. Review portfolios, providing comprehensive recommendations in relation to alignment, optimisation, risk and viability (complexity, cost, resource).

Experis provides two levels of assessment to meet customer needs:

  1. A rapid QA health check for an instant review and remedy for a struggling QA project, or;

  2. a more in-depth QA assessment which takes place over several months with detailed reviews of people, processes and technology.

Training & Mentoring
We offer a variety of training, coaching and mentoring services, all of which are designed to an organisation’s bespoke requirements. Our expert team of testing consultants can deliver:

  1. Coaching & Mentoring: including testing best practice, agile, continuous integration, automation, and governance.

  2. Peer to peer training: we empower internal teams to become advocates for change, helping them to educate other employees around quality assurance and processes.

  3. Quality assurance for non-testing Managers: designed to upskill project/product team members that will be required to operate and work in a quality assurance environment

  4. Directing and sponsoring quality assurance change initiatives: designed to upskill senior executives and leaders that may be asked to lead a QA change initiative with no prior experience or understanding of quality process delivery.

Delivery Services

Testing delivery services

We offer an extensive range of testing services across all scales and types of delivery, from complex digital transformation programmes to standard IT projects and digital product-based delivery. Our global reach ensures that should an organisation require a multi-national footprint, we can offer continuity of service across borders. Our approach is to develop a Quality Assurance (QA) strategy that aligns to our client’s vision and values, centralises its test efforts, incorporates modern test methodologies, and implements a cohesive test approach that minimises quality risks.

QA services include:

Automation Proof of Concept (PoC) - to enable an organisation to reduce costs and improve the quality of testing by utilising automation. To be successful, test automation needs to support business objectives. It requires careful planning, preparation, specialised skills, execution, control, and infrastructure management. Experis identifies opportunities and recommends best practices; defines an automation strategy and sets up workflow; and develops POC, estimation, and ROI.

User Experience (UX) /User Interface (UI) – our testing experts will create a usability approach to help optimise the UX of an organisation’s digital product, finding those critical issues before customers. Our subject matter experts design thoughtful, practical solutions to a client’s testing challenges and provide unbiased, instant feedback on products to ensure brands make the right impact.

Performance testing – our team of non-functional testers will first take the time to understand an organisation’s requirements before proposing a strategic approach to performance testing challenges. With experience in implementing load, stress and volume testing, our consultants will ensure systems are responsive, stable and fully optimised.

Security - Our cyber security penetration testing services are delivered to international customers in the financial, technology, retail, transportation, infrastructure, defence, and government sectors. Offering a comprehensive penetration testing solution to identify vulnerabilities, Experis works with organisations to identify and understand issues and how best to resolve them.

Mobile testing – Experis offers a full range of mobile testing services including mobile applications; device validation; network integration; and automation best practices. Experience delivering quality engineering services with all network types including: 3G, 4G, 5G, VoLTE, IMS and WiFi. Our subject matter experts design thoughtful, practical solutions to a client’s testing challenges.

Application Programming Interface (API) testing – Experis API testing will assist in developing a test approach to ensure your APIs meet requirements for functionality, reliability, performance and security. Utilising our automation expertise, our consultants will look to build an automation framework to maximise the testing coverage and build into a continuous integration feedback cycle.

Managed Services

Experis Test and Continuous Quality engineers will consult with clients to design and deliver services that produce real results and align with customer business objectives. Our quality engineering mindset encourages clients to integrate testing tightly into the software development process.

Professional Resourcing

Experis delivers Quality Engineering talent with the powerful combination of the technical skills you’re after multiplied by the soft skills that are harder than ever to find. Experis talent drives growth and innovation on an interim or permanent basis to meet your immediate and future business goals.

Experis Professional Resourcing offers targeted specialised recruitment on a permanent or contract basis. Whether you need an innovator, a handful of individuals, or hundreds of new recruits - Experis finds, secures, and retains in-demand professional IT talent.

Our global community of trained, certified and highly experienced testing professionals will support your projects and programmes, helping you increase the velocity and quality of delivery, whilst reducing the overall cost of your testing.

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