Programme Management

Through our engaging, collaborative and partnership approach, we consult with our customers to ensure that services are designed to provide maximum impact and value for money.

On time and on value delivery of business and technology change is a major challenge. Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) provides a flexible and scalable solution to your business & technology challenges for on-time and on value delivery.

Accelerated digital transformation, increasingly complex data and technology environments, and pressures to deliver value at an exponentially faster pace is leaving project, programme and Project Management Office (PMO) teams struggling to keep up with demand.

Many are facing the possibility of being unable to deliver initiatives due to capacity issues and/or skills shortages, compounded by a highly competitive marketplace. Existing resources become over-stretched, with little time available to upskill in the new technologies and skills required to keep pace. Value is delayed, costs spiral and quality suffers.

Experis’ transformation, change and delivery experts provide a wide range of services that can be tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers, utilising agile, waterfall and hybrid methods. Through our engaging, collaborative approach, we consult with our customers to establish a true partnership, acting as an extension of your in-house capability. Our range of services span Project, Programme and PMO management (P3M), covering resourcing, advisory, delivery and managed services. We follow latest best-practice, applying recognised industry standards to ensure we deliver exceptional services which enable our customers to achieve their objectives and key results.


  • Improve quality by using P3M services aligned to industry best practice across agile, waterfall and hybrid delivery methods

  • Reduce costs by transferring P3M related recruitment, management and administration overheads to Experis

  • Deliver across borders by accessing Experis’ global talent pool of P3M professionals; we can deliver our services internationally, efficiently and consistently

  • Extend teams with a trusted partner focused on delivering against your organisation’s vision, whilst seamlessly integrating into your business, adopting your culture and values

What services do we offer?

Consultancy Services

Business Advisory

Services focus on supporting our clients through the identification and design of new value streams and customer experiences that can be leveraged through the exploitation of new technology and agile ways of working. All services can be blended to provide a comprehensive consultancy engagement across your business.

Digital Transformation – Our transformation consultants undertake a comprehensive review of an organisation’s strategy, objectives, value streams and IT landscape to understand how technology currently supports the business. We document the ‘as is’ state and reflect this back to the client; providing the agreed baseline. We then provide a comprehensive report outlining how to generate more value, improve customer experience, achieve greater efficiencies and reduce costs through the adoption of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud and Low Code.

Agile Transformation – In order to service the exponential demand for digital products and services, traditional cost-centre, transactional focused IT teams can no longer meet the needs of their customers and end-users. To increase their value, IT teams are embarking on agile and product-centric transformations with the aim of becoming a true digital partner to the business, focused on customer, value and speed. However, many IT teams struggle to make the transition, leading to frustration across every stakeholder level. Our transformation experts review current IT structures and propose a new operating model that best meets the demands of an organisation.

Customer Journey & User Experience – Regardless of sector or industry, the evidence is overwhelming: user experience is the differentiator. It is vital that users can navigate products and services effectively. Our consultants are experts in creating customer journeys and user experiences that are simple, compelling and intuitive.


Our team of transition specialists will help migrate people, skills and knowledge, IT assets and contracts, as required, from your organisation to Experis, or another supplier. With HR, technology and environmental factors taken into consideration, Experis‘ seamless and proven transfer methdology ensures that the risks associated with complex transitions are mitigated.


We put together a team of experts to help rescue programmes, projects or products, ensuring as a minimum that it is brought under control with a viable roadmap, scope, budget and risk profile. Our aim is to return initiatives to their original time, cost and quality objectives; however, we know this is not always possible. In this scenario, we will provide options and recommendations available to the customer to enable them to agree a new baseline with confidence.

Governance & Frameworks

In today’s complex digital landscape, it is now more critical than ever for leaders to strike a balance between control and agility. Our consultants work with organisations to design frameworks, standards, processes, and toolkits across all P5M disciplines. From project and product lifecycles to portfolio definition and delivery frameworks, we work closely with customer’s to ensure that governance is right-sized, appropriate to their organisation’s risk appetite and integrates with existing decision-making processes across finance, procurement, HR and other central functions.

Audit & Assessment

Our experts are engaged to conduct independent health checks across all delivery and work management functions. We will produce a comprehensive report that provides insights, options and recommendations that clearly outline what is required to get change and delivery functions operating at optimum. We can:

  1. Audit compliance and performance of initiatives against internal standards

  2. Assess maturity and capability levels, benchmarking against industry best-practice frameworks

  3. Review portfolios, providing comprehensive recommendations regarding alignment, optimisation, risk and viability (complexity, cost and resource)

Training & Mentoring

We offer a variety of training, coaching and mentoring services, all of which are designed to your bespoke requirements. Our expert team of consultants can deliver:

  1. Coaching and mentoring, including Agile, Lean and SCRUM

  2. Peer to peer training: we empower your internal teams to become advocates for change, we help them to educate others in your organisation around change and work management.

  3. Project and Product Management for non-Project/Product Managers (designed especially for non-project/product professionals required to operate and work in a project/ product environment).

  4. Directing and sponsoring change initiatives (designed especially for senior executives and leaders that may be asked to lead a change initiative with no prior experience or understanding of projects.

Delivery Services

Our Project, Programme and Project Management Office (PMO) services support our clients in the management and delivery of their change and transformation objectives. However our clients choose to engage with us, it is our aim to deliver our services in a compelling and collaborative way that provides value for money. Our approach is to cultivate a true partnership by aligning with our customer’s vision, integrating with existing practices, and focusing on quality and impact to their portfolio. Our services can be provided through staffing as a service, light outcome or full outcome delivery models.

Project & Programme Management

Whether you are looking for project and programme management expertise, a subject matter expert or technical specialist, a sprint squad or multiple cross-functional teams, Experis’ Project and Programme services can assist. Our services are deployed across all scales and types of delivery from complex digital transformation programmes and bleeding edge innovation to agile digital product-based delivery and standard IT projects. Our teams are proficient across a broad range of technologies, industries, and sectors, utilising industry best practice and a range of methods including agile, waterfall and hybrid. Our global reach ensures that should an organisation require multi-national coverage, we can offer continuity of service across borders.


Experis’s PMO services provide expert support for projects and programmes. Our expertise covers the full range of PMO scope including: planning and estimating; resource and capacity management; financial and benefits management; risk and issue management; governance and controls; stakeholder management; knowledge management; monitoring and reporting; and secretariat.

Whether an organisation requires additional capacity to fulfill PMO services, has a specific piece of PMO work to be delivered, needs leadership of kick-off and lesson learned workshops, or would like informative dashboards, our PMO experts are deployed to support successful delivery of projects and programmes. Where applicable, we also deploy PMO teams to support our project and programme delivery teams, reducing the burden on in-house PMO’s and lowering total cost of delivery.

We also offer modular PMO services that provide best practice documents and processes on a per project basis. Our experts help and guide businesses through completion of that element of a project and can be engaged on an ongoing basis to continually assure and support with aligning to best practice.

Managed Services

Experis offers two outsourced PMO solutions. We work with organisations to define the most suitable solution based on requirements and objectives.

PMO: We manage the entire PMO function. We will define frameworks, processes, templates, dashboards, reports and the associated service catalogue with you. We will provide thought leadership across the PMO, as well as providing unbiased performance measures, insights and recommendations so that customers have the data and information required to make effective decisions. Where an organisation has multiple suppliers supporting delivery, we can act as an integrator, providing harmonisation and mediation across suppliers, whilst ensuring they remain focused on the customers objectives and outcomes.

PMO Plus: In addition to Tier 2 management, we also take full responsibility for an organisation’s project and programme management capability. This extends the PMO service beyond control and governance of initiatives by also providing the project and programme management resources.

Professional Resourcing

Experis delivers talent with the powerful combination of the technical skills you’re after multiplied by the soft skills that are harder than ever to find. Experis talent drives growth and innovation on an interim or permanent basis to meet your immediate and future business goals. Experis Professional Resourcing offers targeted specialised recruitment on a permanent or contract basis. Whether you need an innovator, a handful of individuals, or hundreds of new recruits - Experis finds, secures, and retains in-demand professional IT talent.

Our global community of trained, certified and highly experienced transformation, change and implementation experts will join your projects and programmes, helping you reduce time to benefit and the overall cost of your delivery.