Engagement Models

Whether you are looking for specific expertise, or blended multidisciplinary teams, Experis can provide a solution that seamlessly integrates into your portfolio.

We will work with organisations to understand their service needs, documenting all requirements in a comprehensive proposal and associated Statement-of-Work.

“Staffing As a Service” engagement model

Our “Staffing as a Service” solution provides an agile delivery model that will enable businesses to mobilise and deploy individuals or teams at scale. Experis provides a flexible resource pool of skilled professionals with a cost-effective service that can be scaled up or down to mirror peaks and troughs in demand.

The delivery is managed by our Service Delivery Manager, who will be at the heart of our solution, ensuring that our processes remain aligned with customer requirements, expectations, and service levels. Our solution includes local in-country recruitment experts who will manage the end-to-end recruitment process and onboarding. This centralised model allows us to remain intensely focused on the customer, ensuring that we meet the organisation’s needs by using the best available talent in the marketplace and delivering a service that is both consistent and exceptional at all levels of our engagement.

Our Staffing as a Service engagement model benefits:

  • Access to a skilled talent pool

  • Resource screening

  • End-to-end onboarding

  • Assigned service delivery manager

  • Escalation management

  • Service reporting and governance

  • Consolidated time reporting and billing service

  • Global resources and services capability

Activities & Deliverables based engagement model

Experis works alongside in-house teams, acting as a partner and extension of IT capability. Experis owns responsibility for the delivery of the agreed activities and deliverables-based services, as defined in the Statement-of-Work. These services include:

Management activities and deliverables related to programme, project and test management e.g. project and programme plans, RAID logs, QA plans, test strategy, roadmaps, burndown charts, utilisation analysis, financial forecasts etc.

Technical activities and deliverables of SMEs (architects, business analysts, engineers, testers etc.) such as a design document, data model, completed user story, business process map, automated test script, switch installation or delivery of the front-end of a cloud-hosted application etc.

In addition to the Staffing as a Service benefits, the Deliverables based engagement model also benefits from:

  • A reduction in client management overheads, as we manage all Experis resources delivering the services;

  • Optimisation of costs by right sizing the resources required to deliver the services;

  • Additional value focused management information and reporting, demonstrating Experis' contribution and impact on objectives and key results;

  • An invested partner, as Experis owns responsibility for delivery of agreed activities and deliverables:

    • Where we adopt the customer's standards, we ensure consultants are trained prior to starting through our 'Onboarding Plus' process

  • We offer flexible commercial options

Project delivery engagement model

Our team takes full responsibility for delivering a successful project. Where delivery of the agreed outcome has dependencies on the customer’s teams or infrastructure, we will agree this as part of the Statement-of-Work under customer responsibilities. A typical project engagement usually has the following characteristics:

  • Experis ownership of delivery, including overarching project, programme and product management controls

  • Experis ownership of risk management & quality assurance