Windows Virtual Desktop Support Engineer

City of London
Job Type:
Cloud & Infrastructure
Job reference:
12 days ago

Fancy working for One of the Big Four Accounting Organisation?

Role: Windows Virtual Desktop Support Engineer
Contract - 6 Months
Start Date: ASAP
Location: London / Remote (Hybrid Model)

Role Purpose:

Provide support to our Windows Virtual Desktop environment as a member of distributed BAU team, working in conjunction with several other supplier support teams.

Essential Candidate Skills and Experience:

Manage Access and Security -

  • Plan and implement Azure roles and role-based access control (RBAC) for Windows Virtual Desktop.
  • Manage local roles, groups and rights assignment on Windows Virtual Desktop session
  • Configure user restrictions by using Azure AD group policies and AD policies.
  • Plan and implement Conditional Access policies for connections to Windows Virtual

Manage User Environments and Apps
Implement and manage FSLogix:

  • Plan for fslogix
  • Install and configure fslogix
  • Configure Profile Containers
  • Configure Cloud Cache
  • Migrate user profiles to fslogix

Configure user experience settings:

  • Configure Universal Print
  • Configure user settings through group policies and Endpoint Manager policies
  • Configure persistent and non-persistent desktop environments
  • Configure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) properties on a host pool
  • Configure session timeout properties
  • Troubleshoot user profile issues
  • Troubleshoot Windows Virtual Desktop clients

Install and configure apps on a session host:

  • Configure dynamic application delivery by using MSIX App Attach
  • Implement application masking
  • Deploy an application as a remoteapp
  • Implement and manage onedrive for Business for a multi-session environment
  • Implement and manage Microsoft Teams AV Redirect
  • Implement and manage browsers and internet access for Windows Virtual Desktop sessions
  • Create and configure an application group
  • Troubleshoot application issues related to Windows Virtual Desktop

Monitor and Maintain a Windows Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
Plan and implement business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Plan and implement a disaster recovery plan for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Design a backup strategy for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Configure backup and restore for fslogix user profiles, personal virtual desktop

Automate Windows Virtual Desktop management tasks

  • Configure automation for Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Automate management of host pools, session hosts, and user sessions by using PowerShell and Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI) implement autoscaling in host pools

Monitor and manage performance and health

  • Monitor Windows Virtual Desktop by using Azure Monitor
  • Monitor Windows Virtual Desktop by using Azure Advisor
  • Customize Azure Monitor workbooks for Windows Virtual Desktop monitoring
  • Optimize session host capacity and performance
  • Manage active sessions and application groups
  • Monitor and optimize autoscaling results

Needs basic understanding of (nice to have);

  • Plan and implement multifactor authentication in Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Manage security by using Azure Security Center
  • Configure Microsoft Defender Antivirus for session hosts
  • Infrastructures (vdis), and golden images

If this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to apply now!

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