Software Developer

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Digital Workspace
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20 days ago

Software Developer
6 Months
£637 max charge

Java Spring Boot Developer

Ideal candidate

Ideal candidates will have strong technical competence in:
* Java
* Spring Boot
* Unit testing and integration testing
* Commercial experience of building MVC Web and RESTful APIs in Spring boot

* Good working knowledge of Spring JPA, AOP, Transactions, SQL and NoSQL databases, containers and container management platforms such as Docker and Kubernetes
is desirable.

Experience of Cloud based infrastructure is desirable, along with an understanding of application security principles, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

As a well-rounded Agile developer, we expect adaptability plus general skills in problem solving, business analysis, quality assurance, application design and architecture to compliment your Java development specialism.

In an Agile environment communication is key and therefore we expect professionalism, good communication skills and approachable team members.

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