Senior User Researcher

Job Type:
Business Transformation
Job reference:
18 days ago

Our Government Clinet based in London are recruiting for a Senior User Researcher.

The role:

  • You will be leading on a wide range of user research projects (from discovery to evaluative research, and from qualitative to quantitative research) to help us understand users' needs, movitations, mindsets, behaviour and end-to-end journeys.
  • You will run high quality research projects end-to-end: planning, recruiting participants, conducting the research, analysis and reporting findings and insights and ensure learnings are being acted upon.
  • You will be bold and creative in trying out new methods and approaches, and actively seek out better ways to improve and do research.
  • You will involve colleagues and relevant senior stakeholders in the research process from research scoping, to observation, analysis, reporting to ensure learnings are being acted upon.
  • You will produce impactful and actionable insights to inform, guide (or even reset) design, product and business decisions, and socialise them at GOV.UK.
  • You will be actively looking out for research opportunities and prioritise research effort to what would bring most impact to GOV.UK in supporting its vision and business needs.
  • You will be able to persuade colleagues and stakeholders on decision-making and research initiatives.
  • You will provide detailed documentations and contribute to the research register and insight library.
  • You will take part in research operations tasks and research community activities with GOV.UK.

We are interested in people who

  • Have exceptional research skills, but who also understands the balance between scrappy and rigour, and knows when to adopt what approach.
  • Have extensive experience in a wide range of research methodologies, not limited to desk research, usability testing, interviews, diary studies, comparative studies, contextual inquiry/observations, ethnography, survey and experimental design.
  • Experience in planning quantitative research, including deciding the right sampling size and analysing data statistical techniques (eg. T test, Anova) would be an added bonus.
  • Loves to experiment new methods and continuously look for ways of improving yours and our research practice have the ability to identify all kinds of users in appropriate research activities to help teams understand the diversity of users of our products and services
  • Have a good understanding of the social and technological context for product and services and how that would affect user behaviours and our product and services
  • Are methodical and rigorous, and are able to plan and execute quality end-to-end research using the right methodology (or a combination of methods) and distil data-informed recommendations through the lens of organisational impact and user experience
  • Knows it's not enough to answer interesting questions or report interesting things about users, ultimately it is about how research translates into design, product and organisational decisions. We focus on impact and you are someone who has a track record of translating research into impact and value for the organisation
  • Have experience working with a variety of multi-disciplinary colleagues and stakeholders and experience of advocating for user research and influence and persuade sceptical colleagues and stakeholders
  • Are expert in communicating results and illustrate suggestions in compelling and creative ways to a broad and diverse audience including senior stakeholders.
  • Have experience in mentoring other researchers
  • We are working in the open, so you are someone who feels comfortable in sharing work and thriving from learning and getting feedback from each other
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