Senior Front-End Engineer (D3, Javascript, Angular)

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Senior Front-End Engineer (D3, Javascript, Angular)

Our Government client are recruiting for two Software Engineers to support an Ontology Visualisation project.

Development of functionality for our client's corporate ontology so that it can be filtered and visualised in a manner that is accessible to non-technical staff.

It is important for an organisation as complex as our client's to understand the nature and structure of the data that managed and use in the construction, maintenance, and operation of the Network.

We have a complex and ever-changing IT estate. To make systemic improvements we need the components of our IT estate to share common data definitions. This will allow us to provide users with a semantic layer to interact with so that they can make data-driven decisions without needing to understand the underlying complexity. Our

It is also increasingly important for organisations such as our client to be able to exchange information with other infrastructure owners and operators using standard conventions.

The project:
To date our client has built Ontology through extensive engagement with wider business, and review of our own literature. The existing toolset- Stanford University's WebProtégé online platform- is relatively good at allowing experienced users to build.owl ontology files. However, ontologies quickly become sizeable and dense as entities and relationships are added, and WebProtégé provides only limited functionality to help users visualise, filter, or explore parts of the ontology. This limits the usefulness of the ontology to the business. It makes the outputs inaccessible to non-technical users, which limits our ability to review and develop the ontology in collaboration with the wider organisation. It also limits the usefulness of the ontology for the purposes of system design, by preventing solution architectures from quickly visualising the subset of the ontology that is relevant to a particular project or solution. Finally, whilst WebProtégé is, as the name suggests, web-based, it is an academic product, placing necessary constraints on the speed of the solution, making access to the ontology somewhat clunky, and meaning that or work is dependent on the on-going funding of a project by a foreign academic institution.

Key Skills / Experience

  • Javascript

  • Javascript frameworks (React, JQuery or similar)

  • Experienced in creating dynamic and responsive web visualisations

  • D3.js or similar Javascript libraries for visualisation

  • CI/CD tooling and pipelines (Git, Azure DevOps etc.)

  • Knowledge of web accessibility standards and UI/UX design principles

  • Agile software development practices

  • Experience developing network-based visualisations (e.g. d3.js, Cytoscape.js, vis.js, Keylines or similar)

  • Experience with graph databases such as Azure CosmosDB, AWS Neptune, Neo4j or similar

  • Experience with search engines such as Azure Search, Elasticsearch or similar

  • Experience of Cloud-based platforms - Azure (preferred) and/or AWS

  • Gremlin graph query language

  • High-level knowledge of graph databases

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