React Front End developer

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Digital Workspace
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13 days ago

React Front end developer


3 Months

Umbrella/PAYE only

We are looking for someone who has experience in "Experience Orchestrator" which is based on "React + Typescript+GrapghQL

Job Description:
React JS with React Hook, Redux, EXO, React Storybook, Micro-frontend

The role of Front End Developer (FED) is responsible for developing a graphical web app following the design laid out by the visual designer. The FED will be part of an agile scrum team, so duties will include attending daily scrums, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives and planning meetings.

The FED will also be expected to demonstrate Incremental deployments to the business. The FED will work closely with all scrum team members, particularly the User Experience, Visual Design team members as well as the Data Modeller (DBA) and Back End Developer.

Responsibilities include contribution to the team, helping others in the team as and when required including testing with the client. The FED will be responsible for developing to a design created by the Visual Designer and User Experience members of the scrum team. He/She will share ideas, issues, risks and concerns with the development team and escalate to the DevOps Manager as required. He/She will estimate time taken for User Stories and Tasks in planning as well as attending daily scrum meetings and holding demos with the team to shape the visual delivery of the product and demonstrating to business stakeholders.

The FED will use agreed tools/techniques for coding and storing code in a GIT library and to manage User Stories and Tasks. The FED will follow an agreed change process to deploy code continuously and for change requests to be added to Backlog.

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