Programme Manager (Digital, GDS) Govt experience

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Business Transformation
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7 days ago

Our client require a programme manager to manage the development of a complex enterprise-level programme consisting of multiple workstreams. The programme will include using cloud-based solutions and agile delivery to support the business transformation of high-volume dispute resolution services to a wide range of users with varying experience and capability.
The programme manager must bring expertise of working within dispute resolution services at scale.
They will ensure delivery is carried out within an agile framework, balanced with the need to provide governance frameworks across the whole programme that meet both internal and cross-government assurance processes.
They will work to develop business change support and digital transformation across the programme of work, managing third party suppliers to ensure an integrated approach to delivery of outcomes.
They will ensure knowledge transfer to build internal capability, ensuring continuity of programme management expertise post-contract.


  • Work with the service owner and DDaT Director to structure the programme, including definition of agile workstreams, activities, capabilities, resourcing and budgets
  • Develop the governance structure and support the service owner and DDaT Director through development of a clear roadmap and deliverables
  • Work with the service owner and DDaT Director to set up effective internal programme governance including a programme board, management of interdependencies, financial tracking and risk management mechanisms, ensuring delivery oversight of multi-disciplinary teams composed of a mix of staff and multiple third-party suppliers
  • Ensure the programme is set up to meet infrastructure, corporate, technical and specialist standards, including compliance with government digital and technology standards
  • Work with the service owner and DDaT Director to define and meet internal and external assurance including internal boards and BEIS/GDS assurance
  • Work with the Change Manager to identify and manage stakeholders and define the change plan
  • Upskill an internal member of staff in effective programme management,

Clarification Questions
Technical Requirements Clarification

  1. Experience of working to CDDO digital and technology standards (previously GDS)
  2. Experience of working within the public sector on a large complex digital programme of work
  3. Please detail your approach to working on a programme that builds in space for evaluation and how you have worked with a 3rd party evaluating that programme
  4. Experience of working with large scale dispute resolution services, if so please detail that experience.
  5. Managing third party suppliers and internal expertise in a multi strand programme of work
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