Process Manager - QA Specialist

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17 days ago

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A QA Specialist within the team is responsible for identifying and addressing areas of technology, user journeys, support or processes which which are either broken or could be improved.
This role will carry out some or all of the following activities:
* Challenge the norm and follow through with action to make meaningful change and deliver the best service possible. 'Good Enough' is not good enough!
* Maniacally review every technology an Executive uses. These will be deeply technical reviews as well as customer journey and experience reviews.
* Create and maintain a mechanism to document & track anything identified.
* Enable wider team members to contribute and own the response to these.
* Create regular management reporting pack and present findings weekly to senior management
* Track, own and drive with all technology owners until resolved or timelines agreed.
* Have a proactive mindset so issues are addressed before they become a problem.
* Ensure all technologies under management work seamlessly with other linked technologies across the organisation.
* Own the strategic vision and direction for evolving the function.

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