Fullstack Developer

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Cloud & Infrastructure
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4 months ago

Role: Full Stack Developer
Type: Perm
Location: Buckinghamshire (Initially in office, then moving to hybrid/ remote)
Salary: £75K to 120K (Skillset dependent)


The role is to be one of the most senior developers in the company, working directly with the CEO and CTO, with the potential to become lead developer and CTO in the future.

Desktop app

  • Electron application, required only to run on windows.
  • React JS front end
  • Uses Redux for state management
  • Calls CLI applications on the host computer such as wmic, ffmpeg, handbrake, ghostscript.
  • Prints QR coded receipts to locally attached printers.
  • Uses a local SQLite database for video management.
  • Makes HTTP API calls to the Server Application.

Server Application Stack

  • NodeJS application using Strapi v3.1.5 as a framework - Strapi is based on Koa/Express JS..
  • Hosted on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
  • Makes calls to a MySQL database hosted on AWS RDS.
  • Using AWS S3 for video and asset storage.

View Video Page Client

  • Basic React application with Redux state management.
  • Includes libraries for accessing camera sources on the host device, and scanning QR codes.
  • Makes HTTP API calls to the Server Application to retrieve video statuses, and play videos.
  • Hosted statically on AWS S3.

Pi Media Centre Client

  • Electron application, built for Linux/Raspbian.
  • Includes a React application with Redux state management.
  • Accesses camera hardware on the Pi to scan QR codes of video receipts.
  • Uses nmap to find VT3 Clients on the network, and makes calls to them for video statuses and to stream video data.

Control Panel Client

  • React and Redux application for managing videos and sites.
  • Statically deployed to AWS S3.
  • Makes HTTP API calls to the Server Application, for authentication and for CRUD operations on sites/videos.

Due to high volume we will only be able to respond to applications that match the criteria

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