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6 Month Rolling Contract
Stevenage or Portsmouth - full time on site for the first 2 months
£450-470 per day - Umbrella only

Project Summary

Responsible for the creation, evolution, quality and accuracy of Project DMU and Manufacturing data produced, reporting to MDO Lead

Demonstration and delivery of the following:

Contribute to Design DMU reviews throughout the Project Customisation & Detailed Design phases. (Including minutes and actions on a regular basis).
* Ensure DMU and all MDO outputs meet the quality requirements as defined within the applicable design check process, including adherence to the DDMS and 3dx procedures. (All outputs must be checked, signed and endorsed by the technical MDO Lead before release).
o Responsible for adherence to interface requirements and within defined volume constraints
o Responsible for clash detection analysis
o Responsible for manufacturability of design with cost considerations
o Responsibility to make sure 3DX CAD design best practices are followed, as outlined. Self-check to be done and recorded in the relevant check sheet provided:
o 3d Part Modelling best practices: (to focus on but not exhaustive)

  1. Cleanliness - minimal external references and no duplication. (External references to be isolated)
  2. Simplicity / General management -
  3. Part Order and feature naming - suitable order and naming of features/operations (major features first, minor features last).
  4. Sketches - Controlled, fully constrained sketches.
  5. Modelling Consistency - Consistent 3d modelling approach to similar based parts, (i.e., WGs should all be modelled the same)
  6. No missing features, fillets, pockets, chamfers etc.
  7. No contextual links
  8. Run of the relevant macros with the right parameters when required, for instance for pipes, harness etc

o Assembly / Product best practices (to focus on but not exhaustive)

  1. Tree Order - Product Tree structured (major components first, minor last)
  2. Position Matrix - should only exist on parts modelled at 0 and positioned in S/C. (Exceptions: i.e., Common FSS)

o CAD data Exchange (to focus on but not exhaustive)

  1. Follow and demonstrate adherence to CAD Import / Export procedures & processes. (Including CAD data tagging / export control rating)

* Contribute to the Design Release process for all MDO outputs.
* Contribute to the MDO Task sheet and communicate any issues to the Lead MDO on a regular basis
* Ensure design changes are fully aligned between the MDO Lead and project stakeholders. This includes any additional work throughout the project and at custom closeout. (All design changes to be recorded on the MDO Task sheet and reported to TL and Project at all times). If changes are not done with adherence to the 'change control' (CCB) company process, this should be reported to the TL before any changes are implemented.

Product Summary:

High level detailed knowledge relevant to specific product design - e.g., Lead MDO on CM structure would have a competent knowledge of Panel Shop Manufacturing Process and Structure assembly stages and methodology.

Demonstration and delivery of the following:

* Gain a competent level of understanding of activities across all MDO Teams.
* Competent level of understanding and application of the different manufacturing & AIT processes, including knowledge of the key design drivers and constraints.
* Competent knowledge and understanding of S/C System and subsystem level accommodation.
* Working knowledge of the key mechanical Stress, electrical, propulsion and Thermal design drivers and requirements.

Tools / Processes / Skills Summary

Contribute to the adherence of end-to-end MDO design process on project.

* Gain an effective working knowledge and application of local MDO design guidelines and processes.
* High level competence of GD&T fundamentals and its application, including performing Tol stack analysis.
* Demonstrate professional level written, verbal communication & presentation skills within the MDO and wider Project working groups.

Team Summary

Communication Skills & Cross Team Interaction (local and transnational)

* Actively engage with manufacturing, AIT & environmental Test and establish open working relations with all parties. (Capture / report any lessons and / or recommendations to MDO Lead)
* Help to ensure AIT is fully involved with the design phase delivering DFM/A first time. Post AIT phase, to capture best practices and lessons learnt with AIT which are to be distributed and fed back into the design processes.
* Good working knowledge and effective interaction with other project teams and MDO departments and trans-national areas of the business.
* Attend and actively contribute to Technical / Team meetings as requested

All profiles will be reviewed against the required skills and experience. Due to the high number of applications we will only be able to respond to successful applicants in the first instance. We thank you for your interest and the time taken to apply!

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