DevOps Engineer

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Digital Workspace
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8 months ago

Devops Engineer

Containers SRE


PES Clearence

Example work to be performed will be:

  • Experience in installing Kubernetes clusters, Elasticsearch ELK stack, configuring Logstash, Fluentd, Splunk
  • Implementing alerting from logs, via Logstash & Netcool Logstash probes.
  • Designing & Implementing monitoring in Prometheus, setup alerts and integrate Alert Manager into IBM Netcool Message Bus Probe. Setup Grafana dashboards for the support team.
  • Implementing separate Logstash/Filebeat stack for log forwarding to Splunk, Security Operations & audit systems. Working with IT Security to implement Kubernetes audit-policy based on security standards, on-boarding logs ready for threat modelling.
  • Implementing Istio, and guide development teams on how to configure Istio for their applications, providing sample configurations for popular use cases.
  • Creating Istio helm packages for developers to adopt & deploy.
  • Integrating legacy application logging using Fluentd as a side-car.
  • Implementing revision control using GIT for the team.
  • Managing GitHub repositories and branching.
  • Developing namespace automation script (Python) to create "team" security groups, using API calls to the Kubernetes platform, and automating namespace creation (shell). Automate implementation of base network policies when namespaces are created.
  • Working with development teams, onboarding them onto Kubernetes platform, providing training as well as assistance and guidance to developers regarding effective microservice architectures. In particular implementing Istio configuration rules for aapplications, managing traffic from the Internet, to microservices across multiple internal clusters.
  • Design and test application DR approach as a guidance for application developers
  • Provision NGINX proxy microservice for internet facing traffic for payments app.
  • Develope usage reports in Python for billing purposes, containerizing applicatiosn and deploying via CI/CD Jenkins.
  • Implementing Dynatrace Monitoring, to enable application teams to use strategic monitoring tool.
  • Creating test http client & echo server in go-lang for testing Istio.
  • Developing ansible playbooks for day 2 operation following initial Openshift Cluster build.
  • Provide support for developers using Jenkins, Aquasec, and Hashicorp Vault, Docker and kaniko

Key Capabilities/ Knowledge:

  • Experience of Supporting / Management of Openshift 4.x & associated Dev Ops technologies such as Git, GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Jenkins, Tomcat, Docker .
  • Experience of onboarding workload for Openshift 4.x.
  • Ansible experience
  • Knowledge of Backup / Restore processes.
  • Knowledge of both Virtualisation and BareMetal
  • Defect Management
  • Storage / SAN
  • Technical Leadership
  • Technical Fault Fixing level 3/4
  • Networking (DHCP / WINS / DNS)
  • VCenter / vSphere
  • Active Directory
  • Product Management (Documentation, Governance, Stake Holder Management, Customer Management)
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