Devops Engineer

Job Type:
Digital Workspace
Job reference:
about 1 month ago

Devops Engineer

Remote - 3 Months initially
Travel required? No

Scope of work:
We require an experienced release and automation engineer to join on a contract basis to deliver the following tasks:

  • - Create the infrastructure to automatically build Windows Docker images for components in the EPA build and release chain
  • - Automate the zero-downtime deployment of services in the EPA build chain. Able to work with technologies such as Kubernetes or Docker to achieve this
  • - Implement monitoring/alerting for these services
  • - Create a reproducible macOS build environment for EPA mac builds (likely using Terraform, but Ansible/Puppet may also be possible)
  • - Migrate various conan C++ Jenkins job specs (largely for third-party libraries) from Jenkins Job DSL/te-dsl to Jenkinsfile
  • - Migrate C++ Jenkins job spec from Jenkins Job DSL/te-dsl to Jenkinsfile.
  • - Migrate Endpoint's current configuration mechanism to (most likely) Kubernetes ConfigMaps

Skills required:

  • - Terraform
  • - Docker
  • - AWS
  • - Kubernetes
  • - Experience deploying services on Windows
  • - Jenkins
  • - Experience designing and implementing similar solutions

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