Change Management SME (SC Cleared)

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Change Management SME (SC Cleared)

The Service Transition and Change function are implementing a new IT Operating model which, in part is based on Agile and a delegated responsibility model. The need to enable Effective Change Management (the governance of IT Changes) is essential even with Agile delivery.

This SME will provide expertise and hands on capability to drive forward new ways of working and the implementation of a delegated model whereby internal and external MSP's can manage their own changes.

In addition this role will also work across Service Transition to help this function deliver their elements of an IT Op Model.

The Role

The model, governance and processes need to be developed hand in hand with the existing resource and Officers from Operate and Defend.

This SME will be used to develop the new delegated change model and working alongside the existing Change Manager and Transition Team develop and implement;

  • A Change Management Policy incorporating Delegated Models.

  • Develop working methods for Governance in the new models including touch points with other Agency functions.

  • Develop the maturity assessments required for MSP's to assume Change responsibility.

  • Plan and execute the transition from As-Is to the To-Be models.

  • Develop the existing individual to undertake maturity assessments of internal and external MSP's.

  • Transfer knowledge and set up a Change Management Knowledge Base on the SKMS.

  • Move an agreed number of MSP's into the new Change Model.

  • Identify current tooling and shortfalls, work alongside IT Supply.

  • Chain Transformation to identify Tooling Requirements.


  • Work with the Change team, Transition team, Supply Chain Transformation, Operate and Defend and CGI to create artefacts namely, Polices, Change Procedures, Maturity Assessments.

  • Plan and execute the transition to the new To-Be Change model

  • Implement Change Delegation Model for internal and external MSP's.

  • Share knowledge and experience with the Agency team.

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