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Agile Coach
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My client is looking for an Agile Coach to join their team.

Job description
* As a servant leader and change agent, coach, inspire and mentor teams on Agile principles, values and practices while role modelling customer's leadership behaviours.
* Facilitate and reinforce Agile practices for multiple teams working toward common business outcomes, including backlog refinement and prioritisation.
* Understand and support implementation of metrics to optimise delivery of KPIs through the assessment of responsiveness, quality, productivity, and customer and business value.
* Support multiple Agile teams to ensure progress toward objectives, goals and commitments. Guide assigned Agile teams to deliver the required product increments.
* Actively raise observed issues and remove impediments; resolve conflicts within and across teams. Anticipate challenges, identify risks, and recommend mitigations and solutions.
* Continuously assess the Agile maturity of teams and individuals at all levels of leadership, educating and mentoring to address gaps.
* Participate in both the internal and external Agile community to stay abreast of challenges, leading practices, and emerging trends; utilise learnings in furthering the effective use of Agile practices at the bank.
* Facilitate open communication among teams and stakeholders; promote positive team dynamics to ensure members collaborate and work effectively within and across teams.
* Use coaching techniques that increase collaboration, transparency and promote a culture of experimentation and innovation.

* Agile Mindset: Embody Agile core values of openness, courage, respect, focus, and commitment. Infuse Agile principles, practices and methodologies to achieve team success.
* Change Agent: Expert change leadership skills including the ability to create an inclusive environment, manage conflict and develop solutions to mitigate risk.
* Coaching: Ability to utilize tailored coaching techniques to inspire individuals and teams to perform at a higher level.
* Influence: Ability to influence behaviours of leaders at all levels and without traditional hierarchy.
* Servant Leadership: Foster an environment where individuals thrive as empowered and equal members of a team.
* Communication: Ability to communicate thoughts, concepts, practices effectively at all levels, adjusting as needed to a target audience.
* Collaboration: Expertise working with others in a cross-functional multi-team environment.
* Continuous Improvement: Demonstrate a commitment to continually improve, share learning with others and encourage team development.

If this is the role for you please submit your CV at your earliest convenience.

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