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Digital Workspace
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21 days ago

Role Title: Administrator
Contract: 5 days per week
Location: Remote (1 day a month in London / 1 day a month in Birmingham)

Represent the client's Key Account channel. This will be achieved by providing product and service information, setting up and maintaining accounts, taking and processing orders, maintaining accurate data and records, resolving product and service problems, fielding queries, and providing information.

Further ongoing aspects of the role include processing returns of products, offering process improvements where applicable, identifying, addressing, and escalating issues, and preparing reports and management information as required. All of the above will be required while contributing to the development of a team environment.


  • Processing orders received through various channels such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), direct email submissions, and phone calls. Accountable for ensuring the accuracy of validation, release, and data entry in accordance with Customer Service Level Agreements (SLAs). The primary objective is to ensure the timely and efficient supply of the business portfolio to the market.
  • Communicate all stocking issues to the Supply Chain, providing the expected timeframe for resolution. If the issue remains unresolved, escalate it to the Senior Advisor or Customer Service Manager. Additionally, notify the Finance department/Shared Centre team about credit block orders, enabling them to investigate and release the orders as per the agreed SLAs. If the release window is missed, share it with both KA and the account.
  • Take ownership of all Customer Services activities, ensuring timely, polite, and precise communication with customers, logistics providers, and colleagues. Interact with customers through both email and phone. Prioritize tasks to meet deadlines, always delivering excellent customer service. Gather and implement customer feedback to enhance their experience. Efficiently handle both account and internal business queries to ensure smooth operations.
  • Efficiently handle returns for order-related, commercial decisions, delisted lines, and regulatory changes following the approved process. Store returns communications appropriately in a shared drive for monthly auditing purposes, adhering to the agreed process. Accountable for ensuring validation and entry accuracy, aligning with the departmental Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Responsible for portal completion of specific customer requirements, processing orders, making amendments, and handling invoicing as necessary. Accuracy and timeliness are crucial to ensure on-time order fulfillment and prompt payments.
  • Responsible for handling all direct consumer requirements for FMC products, including issuing replacement packs after validation via QR codes and adhering to legal requirements. Keep a detailed tracker and log on the GCRS system where appropriate, promptly notifying the Supply Chain team of any recurring issues with the same product or batch, enabling them to report to the relevant factory for a comprehensive investigation.
  • Stay informed about the latest products and services offered by the client. Continuously build and maintain awareness of the competitive market landscape within which the client operates. Keep abreast of developments and innovations throughout the client's route to market. Enhance job knowledge by actively participating in educational opportunities, staying updated with professional publications, and nurturing personal networks.


  • Handling potentially challenging conditions, such as managing a substantial workload and meeting specific deadlines to achieve customer service targets and fulfill the client's requirements.
  • Addressing and resolving diverse issues and conflicts with various individuals, including customers, clients, and other stakeholders.
  • Consistently portraying a professional image of the client in every interaction, ensuring customers experience the essence of the client's identity in each transaction.
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