Software Architect

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Digital Workspace
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10 days ago

Software Architect
Description: CI/CD Technical Lead
6 Months

Candidates must be SC cleared

The CI/CD Technical Lead will work as part of an Agile software delivery team, to drive the continuous delivery development and operational practices for the team and wider programme area. This role will work closely with engineering and product management leadership to define the required technical solutions, timelines to achieve and outcomes to produce.

* Developing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines to build, test and deploy code
* Articulate the different architectural views to depict aspects of the solution and common mechanisms for interactions between software components
* Understand, learn and apply new automated build, test and deployment capabilities and help develop project teams towards integrating such solutions
* Use creative and innovative solutions to unblock challenges
* Relay key messages to other architects, managers and developers consistently
* Understand the key performance metrics and ensure the right focus on delivery efficiency
* Ensure that the product meets the specifications and is deployed successfully
* Expand awareness, knowledge and experience on automation with in CI/CD pipelines
* Know the longer-term technical strategy and how the solution will consider this, whilst ensuring the software solution is compatible with the overall architecture
* Appreciate non-technology aspects of the software solution and coach the team to adhere to and effectively leverage the software architecture and maintain modifications in architecturally relevant documents
* Accustomed to DevOps and Agile methodologies and ways of working - liaising closely with Scrum Manger, Business Analysts, Delivery Manager and Backlog Product Owner

Technical Skills & Experience

* GitLabCI - both GUI and CLI with understanding of Git SCM
* OpenSSH and SSH key authentication
* Good understanding of CM branch, merge, tag and release workflow methodologies
* Hands on experience delivering complex software in an enterprise environment
* Cloud (AWS, Azure)
* Experienced background in both Systems and Software Engineering
* Understanding / experience of containerisation
* Competent developing in one or more of Python, Java, R, Bash, Powershell
* Experience with playbooks and automation tools (e.g. Chef, Ansible)
* Experience with pipeline orchestration tools (e.g. GitRunner, Jenkins)
* Experience with test automation and pipeline integration
* Previous use of ALM Tooling (Jira, Confluence)

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