Tech Cities Job Watch

A shortage of skilled IT professionals across the country has resulted in tough competition across five key technology skills in particular: Big Data, Cloud, IT Security, Mobile and Web Development.

Our latest Tech Cities Job Watch report takes a closer look at IT Security and explores the complex security landscape. With hacks and security breaches on the rise, businesses could be vulnerable to more cyber attacks; whilst budget cuts and the introduction of IR35 may be creating an imbalance in the supply and remuneration across the industry.

Highlights from the Q2 2018 report reveal that:

  • Overall, there is strong growth in both the contract and permanent marketplace, with demand for Cloud skills outstripping supply

  • AWS skills dominate the marketplace, but their competitors are beginning to gain ground as they differentiate their offerings and define their target markets

  • Cloud integrations are likely to be an area of rapid growth in the coming year, which is expected to further increase hiring demand and salaries in the sector.

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Q1 2018 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Demand for Big Data professionals intensifies with a 78% surge since Q1 2017
  • Big Data specialists command the highest salary of £67,464 (compared to all disciplines), yet the average salary increased by just 0.1% in the past year
  • Contractor day rates are down by 5% over the same period, offering £504, but Big Data also remains the discipline with the highest paid average day rate


Q4 2017 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Demand for new permanent IT Security skills dropped in Q4 2017, but salaries increased by 4% year-on-year

  • The average salary for an IT Security role (£60,004) remains much lower than the likes of a Big Data specialist (£70,945)

  • Despite day rates dropping by 13%, demand for IT Security contractors increased by 24% year-on-year.


Q3 2017 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Mobile tech skills are the industry's most wanted for the first time, with demand soaring by 39% in the past year
  • Modest salary rises across the disciplines fail to keep pace with inflation
  • Organisations look to reduce their dependence on IT specialists by hiring Citizen Developers


Q2 2017 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Demand for Cloud skills soared by 97.7% but salaries have stagnated since Q2 2016

  • Salaries for permanent Cloud professionals increased by just 2.71% (YoY) from £57,331 to £58,885, while contractor day rates remained at £482 for the same period

  • Cloud skills have transitioned from being one of the hottest tech trends to being an integral part of the day-to-day operations,with businesses seeking fewer niche IT professionals


Q1 2017 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Demand for permanent Big Data roles increased by 51.8% compared to Q1 2016 and by 21.6% to the previous quarter
  • Permanent Big Data salaries saw a sharp year-on-year increase of 4.03% across the ten Tech Cities
  • Average Big Data salaries (£67,300) and day rates (£528) were the highest out of the five tech disciplines
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the key drivers of demand for tech talent as businesses will be required to comply from May 2018.


Q4 2016 Tech Cities Job Watch

Report Highlights

  • Demand for permanent IT Security roles has increased by more than 50% since Q4 2015, as cyber-crime moves to the top of the C-Suite agenda

  • Annual IT Security permanent salaries climbed by 4.99% across 10 cities, compared to 0.62% for contractor day rates

  • IT Security professionals in London are still commanding the largest salaries by far (£62,596) - almost a fifth (19%) higher than any other region

  • London continues to display the highest requirement for IT Security professionals, with around 80% of the UK's contractor IT security roles advertised in London. 


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