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Engineering Workforce Innovation

In technology driven fields such as Engineering, talent can often be scarce because the skills required are so new. In order to find it, you can look in your competitor's paddock – which is neither cost effective nor sustainable – or you can change the game and develop the talent you need.

Turbocharging the world of high-speed motorsports

In Italy, the pursuit to build cars that run lighter, corner faster, and break speed records is growing. So Experis has created a unique solution to help the motorsports industry harness the Skills Revolution.

Experis Tech Academy

In the world of motorsports, innovation drives results and Experis drives innovation by providing access to rare talent with specific skills, such as engineers who specialise in aerodynamics or operators trained to mould ultra-light materials.

Through programmes like the Experis Tech Academy, we can help to upskill individuals - providing organisations with the qualified talent they need to succeed. In Italy we have done this by:

  • Bringing the worlds of academia and industry together
  • Providing Masters programmes for engineers looking to converge skills for advanced field of motorsports
  • Offering a professional programme for composites manufacturing operators

In the race to staff up the Motorsports industry, Experis Laps the Field


We combine industry experience with workforce expertise to define the future skills needs and identify skills gaps. We work to close these through mapping, upskilling and workforce management, providing employers with the qualified talent they need to drive success.

But don't just take our word for it - watch the videos below to hear from some of the people working with Experis Tech Academy.

Andrea Burzoni

Design Lecturer at Experis Tech Academy and Design Office Manager at Dallara Automobile tells us how important lifelong learning is to a career in engineering:

Filippo DiGregorio

HR Director at Dallara Automobile tells us his story about how the business is working with Experis to build better engineers for the future:

Marco Ferrari

Composite Laboratory Technician Marco Ferrari came from industry to teach students at the Experis Tech Academy. Find out more:

Dialma Zinelli

Head of Aerodynamics, Dallara Automobile Aerodynamics Lecturer at Experis Tech Academy tells us how he helps to upskill the next generation of talented engineers:

Evolving the world of work is humanly possible

Today, Experis is not only the official HR partner of Scuderia Ferrari, but also supports the recruiting and upskilling efforts of many of Italy's major players in Motorsports and Automotive Manufacturing as well as in the Defence and Aerospace industries.

Interested in finding out more about how Experis works with the Engineering sector in the UK?