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Employed Consultants

In today's demanding and ever-fluctuating business environment, it's essential that you have access to talent that can enhance your competitiveness, ensure ongoing sustainability and effectively contribute to business growth.

Employed Consultants from Experis

This is exactly what Employed Consultants from Experis can deliver for your organisation. An Employed Consultant is a highly skilled specialist who is permanently employed by Experis. They are then deployed on assignments with one of our clients.

This employment model is particularly effective when an IT or Engineering professional is required for a long, complex project; or for assignments which are expected to last at least six months. That's because, with an Employed Consultant, you'll benefit from:

Cost savings
With a fixed day rate for the entire contract duration, Employed Consultants are typically 10-20% more cost effective than comparable independent contractors. In effect, the model allows you to deploy a semi-permanent workforce, without associated recruitment costs and headcount restrictions.

Skills retention
The longer-term nature of the Employed Consultant model means you’ll have a consistent, stable team, whilst retaining all of the flexibility benefits of a contractor. This creates time and efficiency savings, as skills and knowledge are retained for the full duration of your requirements.

Increased flexibility and productivity
You'll reap the benefits of the engagement flexibility of a contractor with the commitment and mindset of a permanent worker. Existing contractors can be converted into Employed Consultants.

Reduced risk
As all Employed Consultants are permanent members of the Experis workforce, there are no co-employment risks. Furthermore, the IR35 regulation is not applicable and there are zero tenure risk implications.

From the perspective of the Employed Consultants themselves, there are many benefits to this model which ensures it's attractive to in-demand talent. For example, this model gives our talented Employed Consultants the opportunity to work across a wide range of different and interesting assignments, whilst enjoying the benefits of a generous permanent employment package.

If you'd like to find out more about how Employed Consultants could work in your organisation, you can email us at

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We invite you to book a free review to show you how your organisation could benefit from this new employment model. The review will provide you with:

  • Independent analysis of your Ltd company contractors and freelancers
  • Guidance on your current level of risk with contractor and freelancer utilisation
  • A roadmap to save money and mitigate risk by using the Experis Employed Consultant model.