Managed Service Models

Experis crafts an end-to-end Managed Service that provides organisations with direct access to high quality, specialist contingent talent. We deliver greater efficiencies, control and cost reductions by tailoring our delivery models against each organisations' specific business needs. These scalable models include:

Identifying and Managing Talent


We'll engage with specialist talent as limited company contractors - taking all responsibility for sourcing and selecting, as well as payroll and candidate care.

Employed Consultants

We permanently employ specialist talent, and contract them to you on a medium to long-term basis - to deliver project assurance and provide cost efficiencies.

Crowd Sourcing

We will build a remote team to complete your project, by asking our pool of pre-vetted talent to "bid" for the specific project elements they want to complete.

Talent Cloud

We'll build you a live talent pool of pre-qualified, pre-screened and fully prepared contractors, which you can access directly through the Experis Talent Cloud.

Developing Talent

We will work with you to increase your talent pool - identifying candidates who meet your core competencies and training them in the desired skill sets.

Outsourcing Services

Statement of Work

With Statements of Work, we'll take responsibility for delivery of a specific project or task on your behalf. It's an outcome-based solution.

Offshore Development

Where there are shortages of skills in the UK jobs market, we'll take responsibility for your project and will scan the world for the best talent hotspots to complete it.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

With our Business Process Outsourcing offering, we won't just recruit for you - we'll take on full responsibility for the running of an entire function of your business.