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2017 Gender Pay Gap Report

ManpowerGroup finds work for more than 100,000 people in the UK each year in a wide range of industries and skills across our expert family of brands – Experis®, Brook Street®, Manpower®, Right Management® and ManpowerGroup® Solutions. Achieving gender parity and creating a culture of conscious inclusion is a business priority. That's why we take an active role with the World Economic Forum to shape the future of education, gender and work, and commission research to find out what can be done to close the gender gap faster, providing organisations with actionable advice and seven practical steps that accelerate progress.

We know too that parity begins at home and there is always more we can do. When we take an average of hourly rates across our Experis business, including our employed consultants, our mean gender pay gap is 29.7% (with a median of 26.2%). When we look at bonus pay, our average gender pay gap is 56.9% (with a median of 54%).

Men and women with the same performance in the same roles are paid equally, yet we do have a disproportionate number of men in senior roles in our business and in the talent pool of skilled employed consultants in which we place. Like many companies in the high tech IT, Engineering and Finance industries, women are outnumbered by men at senior levels. Gender parity is priority for our business and we know we need to continue to take action to change these numbers.

Our leaders are committed to a culture of conscious inclusion, where everyone is invited in and all contributions are valued. We're explicit about where we want women to progress and we set clear and measureable goals for the business: we already have the most diverse Board in the industry and by 2020 we're on track for 40% of our global Executive Leadership Team and Key Leadership Team roles to be held by women. We have implemented development and sponsorship programmes at all levels to nurture future leaders and help women progress. We are also rolling out training for leaders to ensure we foster an inclusive mindset when hiring, promoting and developing our people.

Achieving parity of opportunity for all and getting more women into leadership isn't just an ethical imperative. When half of the talent pool are female, it makes good business sense, achieves diversity of thought and better decision-making. This is something we have to get right, and in the UK we are committed to taking steps to make more progress to parity, including:

  • We treat gender parity with the same importance as any other strategic business priority, and have set a target to achieve 50% female board representation by 2022. We now ensure all hiring into senior positions includes at least 50% women on the shortlists
  • We know that leadership has to own it for change to happen, and we are running development sessions for our senior leaders to adopt an inclusive mindset, as well as introducing our new 'EQUIP' model to help drive the mindset
  • We have introduced new Success Profiles which outline behaviours of conscious inclusion at every level, and are using these to hire, develop and promote against thus enabling us to drive a culture of people who value people
  • In our succession planning processes we are using standard criteria (including our Success Profiles) and challenging our assumptions about what makes people successful. We have set the expectation of our UK leaders that they have 50/50 male/female succession plans
  • We are creating exposure opportunities for our high potential females to lead high impact, high value business projects. We will elevate the focus on Senior Leader Sponsorships of high potential women, to provide the experience and exposure they need to succeed in senior business-critical roles

Pay & Bonus Gap

Average pay rate Median pay
% Males paid bonus % Females paid bonus
29.7% 26.2% 56.9% 54.0% 76.8% 82.5%

Quartile 1
Quartile 2
Quartile 3
Quartile 4
Male % Female % Male % Female % Male % Female % Male % Female %
29.4% 70.6% 53.9% 46.1% 43.1% 56.9% 68.9% 31.1%

I confirm the data reported is accurate.

Damian Whitham
Commercial Director


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